Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 91: E-mail April 16, 2018. New investigator...Anderson

So this email will be real quick, because the hour is almost up...

This week was really awesome.  We had the opportunity to visit many less actives and read the Book of Mormon with them.  I am still amazed by the power of the Book of Mormon;  it really is the best tool along with the Atonement of Jesus Christ to change peoples lives. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to use it daily to become more like Christ.

Also we witnessed some miracles this week.  We were contacting way late at night and we were able to enter into an old contact's house.  They let us in and the son, Anderson, began to read the Book of Mormon and came with us to church.  The Lord is always preparing people to receive the blessings He has prepared for them.

Love you all,

Elder Parson

Monday, April 2, 2018

Week 89: E-mail April 2, 2018. General Conference...Layton, Utah, to get a Temple.

Well, I know we aren't supposed to scream during General Conference, but I definitely did.  It was amazing! I am so happy that Layton finally has a temple.
Our week was awesome!  It was holy week so we were able to visit a lot of members and have family nights.  Also, we had Leadership Council so I was able to see all of my old friends from my group.  It was awesome to be able to hear our Mission President talk.  He explained the importance of always using the Book of Mormon.

It was also amazing to hear General Conference.  I am so happy that we have a Prophet here on the earth to lead and guide us.

Well, I've got to go but I know this gospel is true and that the best is yet to come.


Elder Parson

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Week 88: March 26, 2018. Paula's baptism.

So this week was amazing! It flew by, just like always. 

To start off this week, it was incredible.  I had exchanges with two of my favorite elders in the Mission, Elder Monson and Elder Sorbonne. It was so much fun.  I have so much respect for these two elders. ME and Elder Monson were together so we had a blast doing exercises together and contacting.  It was super fun.  We started contacting with family history and it was incredible to see how many people were receptive to learn about their ancestors.  It was an awesome activity.

Also, this week we had the baptism of Paula, the granddaughter of Patricia, a recent convert.  It was awesome.  She was super excited to make this covenant with God.  It was also super spiritual when her grandma gave testimony about how much the gospel has changed her home.  I am so grateful to know them.

A miracle that I saw this week was that we had been having a difficult week finding new investigators and I was starting to get stressed.  But I realized that this is the Lord's work.  He will make it progress and I just need to trust that He will help me. And that day, we had 7 investigators at church.  While we were waiting for a lesson, members just brought their friends and had us teach them. We found 4 new investigators that day.  The Lord really makes miracles in this world. 

I love you all.

Elder Parson

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week 87: March 19, 2018. The Temple..."Losing our lives to help others change theirs".

So this week was awesome! We have been super pumped to find news this week and we have been trying to do everything possible. It has been such a blast. 

We have some incredible investigators that have been so kind to us. One of our investigators, Fransisco, took us to the temple this morning. He has really been trying to change the peace in his home and he and his wife are progressing to baptism and their marriage. 

Also we have been having a lot of success looking for old investigators that were investigating a while back but have since stopped investigating. We were able to find an amazing couple that are so receptive to come to church and be baptized. 

The Lord is truly blessing us with miracles in this area.

I had an awesome opportunity to do exchanges at 7:00 on Sunday night. We were really trying to reach our goal of 10 new investigators and I went with a recently returned missionary to contact. We were able to contact for 2 hours and although we didn't find news, it was such a blast to do everything possible to help people. 

That is the best part about this work, losing our lives to help other people to change theirs. 

I love you guys!

Elder Parson

Monday, March 12, 2018

Week 86: March 12, 2018.

Elder Parson's computer malfunctioned and his message was accidentally deleted.

So I had already written my message, but for some reason it just got deleted.  Sorry that this message will be super short.  The coolest part of this week was our investigators. We had 7 investigators come to Church and one of our investigators asked in Church, "How can I have more faith?".  He is trying to stop drinking coffee and has stopped drinking alcohol in the week and it was incredible to see his change. 

Also we had lunch with some investigators that actually lived in US for a few years and they are amazing. I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to meet them. 

Have a great week,

Monday, March 5, 2018

Week 85: March 5, 2018. New Companion -- Elder Campos and Visitor Center Activity.

Elder Parson didn't write a group e-mail for a few weeks but we were staying connected through "Google Hangout".  He was working on essays for BYU scholarship applications that were due on March 1st.

He did send this short note today along with a voice recording...

So these past few weeks, I haven't sent an email.  Sorry about that but they have been 3 amazing weeks. 

First off, we were able to have 2 baptisms which were amazing.  

I also received a new companion Elder Campos because Elder Sorbonne was called to be the new Assistant. But we have been having a blast in Ciudad Jardin. This week was great.  We had a giant ward activity called the Visitor Center where we basically visited all the members of Ciudad Jardin inviting them to bring their friends to the activity. On Saturday all day we were just inviting everyone we could to come to the activity and we were able to have some people come into the center. We finished that night so tired but we both felt so happy to have been able to do everything possible so that people can hear the amazing message of the Gospel of Christ. 

That is the best part of the mission, to be a Representative of Christ. 

I love you guys!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week 82: February 12, 2018. Finding a new family.

Elder Parson sent voice recordings this week...some in Spanish.  It was great to hear his voice and hear he and his companion talk.

So this week was amazing! ME and my companion have been saying almost every day this week, God is so amazing with us! To explain this part, I would like to relate an experience.

So this week we have been really pushing to find some new investigators. We have been using many different ways to find new investigators. On Thursday and Friday, we had been doing everything to find new investigators:  contacting with members, looking for less actives and just talking to everyone. And I was so sure that we would find some news, but on those days we didn't find anyone. On Saturday, me and Elder Sorbonne were planning and we needed to find some new investigators. I was starting to get stressed but we felt that we should put our confidence in the Lord and he would help us out. We both prayed and we felt that we should contact one street in particular--we both saw it in our minds along with how we should contact people there by reading the Book of Mormon and giving out candy.

We went there and we started to touch some doors. While we were doing this, a lady put her head out the window and said in great English, "Do you speak English?"  She came down the stairs with her brother and she starts to talk to us. She had lived in the states a while ago and was super excited to talk to us. Sunday we went back and we were able to meet her family, all of whom spoke English really well. We just had them read a page of the Book of Mormon and the Spirit came in immediately. The family told us that they had been looking for many different churches but they haven't felt good in any one. We were able to relate to them the first vision and some of them had tears in their eyes. We invited them to study the Book of Mormon, come to church, and be baptized and they were really excited to find out if this is the true church.  It was such a great miracle to us that God is always willing to help us when we have faith.

I know that God lives and loves all of His children.

Have a great week

Elder Parson

My former companion, Elder Callejas

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Bowling on P-Day

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