Sunday, August 7, 2016

E-mail Arrival: July 13, 2016. Hola from Bogota, Columbia

E-mail Arrival:  July 13, 2016,  Hola from Bogota, Columbia

Hola mi familia!! 

I am doing fantastic here in Bogota. The country is amazing and beautiful. 

So a quick update about my day. Yesterday we arrived at the Bogota airport at 9:45 PM, and we were placed on  a bus with native missionaries. In my district there are 11 of us elders, all going to the South mission. They are all amazing, and such studs! 

My companion is Elder Duerden from Bountiful, and it has been great learning with all of these amazing elders. I will send pictures later, as I do not have a lot of time. one cool experience was while we were on the bus, we were conversing with the native companions in a version of Spanglish, and we all sang hymns on the way to the CCM in our native tongue. what a great spiritual experience.

We have native companions in our dormitorios, so we are being introduced to the language really quick. It has been a fantastic time. A  quick food report for breakfast is that the fruit is delicious. I have discovered that i really like papaya. Anyway, i am loving this opportunity, and love the MTC. 

My preparation day is Tuesday, so it will be a while before i email back. I love you all, thanks so much for all the  love and support.

adios por seis dias. 


Elder Parson

P.S. the weather is fantastic, a solid 50 degrees, could not be better.