Sunday, August 7, 2016

Email 2: July 25, 2016. Week Two in the Bogota Columbia CCM / MTC (Missionary Training Center)


How is everyone. Thank you so much for your emails, I will try to answer them, but I don`t get a whole lot of time to write. Anyway, i am just going dive on in with some experiences i have had this week. 

So Spanish has been a little difficult, who knew. However, the Latinos are great helpers in  forcing us to use the language. In Spanish, when one wants to say ``What`s up`` it normally  translates to ``que paso``. We, as a district, have been trying to start the saying of ``que es arriba`` which directly translates as whats up. When we tell this to most of the Latinos, many of them will look hesitantly at the ceiling. It is quite hilarious. However, it is beginning to catch on, and even some of the maestros are using it.

I had the opportunity to play the piano in sacrament meeting which was a huge blessing. However, the last song was "Called to Serve".  I went up, played my two verses, and began turning around to sit down, when I realized that the congregation was still singing. Apparently there are 4 verses of "Called to Serve" in Spanish. It was quite embarrassing, but I was able to fix my mistake fairly fast. It still was quite a shock. I now appreciate my mom forcing me to practice all those years for a purpose. I am very grateful to be able to play  now.

These have been some of the many great experiences I have had, and also many humbling ones. It has been tough with Spanish, and teaching in Spanish is nearly impossible. However, I know with the Lord`s help, He will be able to make my Spanish into something of use. 

I love you all.  Thank you for your prayers. 

Tienen fe
y esperanza 

"and all things will work together for your good". I know this is certainly the case for me. 

Until next week

Elder Parson​