Monday, March 13, 2017

E-mail 35: March 13, 2017. 8 Months down...16 to go. Time is going crazy, crazy, crazy fast!

So today marks 8 months here in Colombia. It is crazy to think where the time has gone, it has been crazy fast. This week we had some awesome things happen.
This week we went on interchanges with the Assistants and i was able to see my old companion Elder Henline. That guy was such a stud and really helped us understand the importance of keeping commitments, and how we can help our investigators really repent and feel the Spirit. I am so grateful for these awesome leaders that I have here in the mission to learn from.
This week went pretty well. We found 21 new investigators this week which I have never done before, but unfortunately only 2 of them went to church. But we also witnessed a miracle. We have been teaching a less active husband and his wife for about a month and the wife has only gone to church once. This Sunday they both went! It was such an accomplishment. I was honestly shocked to see him come in, we had talked to him the night before and he seemed really tired and we didn't think he would come. But it was so cool to see him come in with his little baby, and his wife, who has been reading the scriptures really well these past couple of weeks. It made me think, that as a missionary, really when we work and are obedient, we are able to see these tiny miracles from the Lord. This guy is starting to change and the best thing is that he loves his family. He is a tatoo artist for a living and to change this would require a lot of faith. But he said, I don't want my little girl following in my example. And for that reason I am going to change. I am so grateful for the Lord allowing me to witness this little miracle here in Neiva.
Also a little side note. Our investigator is amazing! She went to church all by herself, her husband wasn't feeling well in a downpour and she was sick. We were in the Gospel Principles class and she started telling us all about Nephi and what a great example he is for us with obedience. If all goes well, she and her husband should be baptized in 3 weeks.
Friends and family, thank you for all your support these past 8 months. There is honestly no other place I would rather be, inviting people to change their lives and receive the greatest blessings the Lord has to offer. I love you all so much,
Elder Parson

Pictures of me and my former companion
Playing Paintball on P-day (Preparation Day)

Making pancakes out of cookie dough mix -- heavenly!!!