Monday, May 8, 2017

E-mail Week 42: May 8, 2017. Following the Spirit....

This email will be really short, honestly because I don't remember what happened. This week has just gone way too fast. So this week we have been trying to visit a lot of members.  The Ward has been losing a lot of people and so we are trying to help them. It was awesome.  More people are coming to church and we are trying to have activities every week. This week we are having a trompo tournament, which is like a version of yo yo here. I have no idea how to play but I am hoping to learn.

Also, we had an interesting experience.  We were just walking to an appointment when I felt the need to visit one of our investigators. She lived kinda far but we went and visited her and she was so happy.  She told us that she had had problems with her husband and was going to make some rash decisions. She said it was a miracle that we came.  That has been the greatest blessing to me in the mission--being guided by the spirit to bless other peoples' lives.  I know that when we follow the spirit, when we have the courage to follow His promptings, we can follow the plan of God more closely. 

This week has been good for investigators.  We have some awesome families, but as always the problem is marriage.  But if they have a testimony of the gospel, I know that one day, they will be able to be baptized.

Thank you for all your prayers, I definitely feel them.  When I am tired or discouraged, I always feel an uplifting hand.  I hope you have a fantastic week.

Love you all.
sigue en el camino del Evangelio

Elder Parson

Elder Hoopes before his transfer.

Elder Hess before his transfer.

Happy Birthday to our Zone Leader.

Some cows randomly walking down the street.