Tuesday, February 21, 2017

E-mail 32: February 20, 2017. Living the dream.

Hola mi familia, como estas?

Well this week went by way too fast, but it was awesome. And not to mention I almost have a month with my companion, which I haven't had in a very long time. But as always, I am living the dream.

This week we have been working very hard with our investigators to get them baptized this month. We have an amazing couple that are so close to being married. They want to be baptized and I am amazed by the faith they have. We taught them the Word of Wisdom and they began to tell us how much they like a little bit of wine, and some tea. We tried to explain the principles about living this commandment, but they still didn't sound to sure. We asked them to live the commandment and they said "Well if this is what we need to do to be baptized, we will live it".  I was so shocked, but so happy. 

Also we witnessed a miracle this week. We were walking home after a kinda disappointing day.  We hadn't found a new investigator at that point and we had just given kinda a frank lesson with another investigator. I was feeling depressed and then as we were walking a lady said, "You are the Elderes, right?"  We said "Yes", and she proceeded to tell us that she was baptized 20 years ago but hasn't attended since. We were able to teach her and also her sobrino (her nephew).  The sobrino was way interested and then we were able to teach his entire family. And now they all have a baptismal day, want us to come back and want to come to church on Sunday. What a miracle. Also we have a less active that has come to church for the past 2 months and wants to get reactivated and baptize his son.

I have been so blessed with the opportunity to be in this ward, they are incredible, but more importantly, to serve the Lord as his representative here in Neiva. I have really felt the power of His love this week.  I have really been trying to focus and fix my weaknesses in hope that as I improve, my investigators will improve as well.  The faster I leave my weaknesses and disabilities, the more I am able to help my investigators. 

I love you all.  Have a great week

A local iguana

Missionaries serving in Neiva

Lunch with an awesome family

Neiva, Colombia