Friday, February 10, 2017

E-mail 30: February 6, 2017.

So for the first time in 3 months, I get to keep my same comp! I am so happy for this. He is such a stud, and has been through some difficult things in his life, but I am learning so much from him. And it also helps that we are having a blast in this ward.

So this week it was crazy. We received 11 references from the ward, which I have never had in all my mission. It is so fun to be with these members, because we can be really frank with them. In Ward Council we say "so this week we have been asking for referencias, and we need some more, so what is your homework for this week" it is kinda harsh, but we are doing well. Also we had a fair amount of people come to church even though they didn't show up for the Santa Cena (sacrament). Right now we have a lot of people progressing towards baptism, Jose and Sonia are doing well, they just need to raise money to get married so they can be baptized.  We also have two kids, Steven and John, who are preparing for baptism, we just need to get their parents on track.  And two other families are investigating as well.  The Lord is really helping us with success.

Also were able to spend a few days with an awesome returned missionary, Faiver Gonzales, who is visiting from Utah.   We had pancakes for breakfast and spent the entire day with him.  I love these awesome people!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.  I really am loving the mission. While I miss my family, there is nothing better than being in the service of the Lord.  To end, I would just like to pass along a quote from someone in my zone, 

"Who you are is the greatest gift God gave you...
who you become is your greatest gift to God".
I love you all, and more importantly, God loves you with every fiber of His being, which is the universe.

Have a great week.

Elder Parson

Elder Parson, Elder Thompson and friends in Neiva, Colombia.

Elder Parson, Elder Thompson and friends with Faiver Gonzales and friends.  Neiva, Colombia.

Enjoying a pancake breakfast with Faiver Gonzales.  Neiva, Colombia.