Monday, January 30, 2017

E-mail 29: January 30, 2017. Seven investigators attended church.

Well this week went awesome and I have a ton to write.  As you guys know, there is never enough time. But this week was great, but my dad would like me to write a little bit about my daily schedule, and only because it is his BIRTHDAY this week, I will comply with him. JK, dad, I love you and happy birthday!

My daily schedule is wake up at 6:30, workout, eat, and shower for the day. At 8 we start our studies: personal, companionship and language.  At 11 we leave to work. We have actually been having lessons for the morning, so at 12:30 we go to lunch. After lunch, from about 1:30 to 3:30, we are contacting or knocking doors for most of this time. After that, it is quite busy.  We are in lessons with investigators and with members for most of the night. We do walk quite a bit, there aren't buses here very often and sometimes the citas are about 1 to 2 miles from each other, so we end up walking  a fair amount. Here we actually don't eat dinner because there is just to much to do.  So when we get back to the house at 9:15, normally after a lesson, we plan till about 9:45 and then we make a quick snack.

But this week I want to focus on our investigators. The Lord really blessed us this week. For some reason, this week I didn't feel like I was on top of my game, I felt that I was lacking. We have a lot of investigators that we are teaching but are not progressing. But this week I decided to fast. And wow, did the blessings come. We had one family that we are teaching come to church--a single mom and her 3 kids, and they are reading the Book of Mormon and progressing so well. They have a baptismal date for the 18th. Then we had some contacts that have been coming to church for the past two weeks and they want to get married. And that never happens.  Here in Colombia there are people that have been together for 35 years and still don't want to get married to each other. Then we had some menos activos come to church and their son isn't a member, and we have been able to teach him. It has been such a great week. We had 7 investigators come to church which I have never had happen in all my mission. It was such a blessing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to fast. It is always really hard, but when we put God's will before our own, the blessings always come. 

Although this week was definitely hard, I don't know why I felt so off.  I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can change my bad desires and become better. I can become a better son of God. And there is no better place to improve than in Neiva, Huila, Colombia. 

I hope you all have a great day and can feel of the love your savior has for you.

quë estén bién y tengan una fantastica semana.


Elder Parson.

Enjoying American food.

Elder Thompson and Elder Parson enjoying American food.

Elder Thompson and Elder Parson

Missionaries in the Zone.

Elder Thompson and Elder Parson with Gospel Principles class members in Neiva Ward.

American food stash.

Drowsy Elder Parson.