Sunday, January 1, 2017

Family Post: December 25, 2016. Christmas Day SKYPE Call. Transfer to Neiva, Colombia.

The highlight of Christmas 2016 was the opportunity to talk with Elder Parson via SKYPE.

40 minutes has never passed so quickly.  Other than weekly e-mails and occasional letters, missionaries are only able to talk with their families twice per year for 40 minutes:  Christmas and Mothers Day.  This helps missionaries stay focused on their missionary service.

Elder Parson is doing GREAT!  He seems very happy and loves Colombia and the people.

It was fun to see him interact with his companion who was also SKYPING with his family at the same time.

When Alex saw his sisters, he said, "Wow, you are so pretty".  It's been a huge adjustment for Rachel, Alex and Marisa (three best friends) to be separated for the past 5+ months.

We love and miss our missionary and pray each day for his health, safety, happiness and missionary success.

During our call, Elder Parson told us that he was being transferred to a new area, Neiva, Colombia.

He left for a 10 hour bus-ride shortly after we finished our call at 3:30 PM on Christmas day.