Tuesday, January 10, 2017

E-mail 26: January 9, 2017. Neiva Zone Missionaries find 123 New Investigators.

This week was one of the best and difficult week of my mission. I am loving the mission life and it is crazy to think that this week I will have completed one-fourth of my mission. Man does the time fly. But I am doing well here in Neiva.

First off, the zone here is awesome! We have about 6 gringos in the zone and we are playing soccer almost every p-day and we are beating the Latinos, something that never happens. This week our zone did amazing, we found 123 new investigators in one week, and last month they found 123 in three weeks. It is so awesome to be feeling this kind of energy--that we are here working hard. 

Neiva is awesome. It is way relaxed here, everyone is way nice and we are able to talk to a lot of people. We found 15 new investigators this week, but none of them came to church.  This is kinda frustrating because if they won't come to church, they can't progress and be baptized.  But we are working really hard here to have investigators progress and be baptized.

This week we were working really hard with one less active family. It is really sad, he was the Bishop 5 years ago and all of his family was way active in the church, but right now they are all inactive. We had a lot of lessons with them to help them come back.  I felt the spirit so strong, testifying to them that they need to come back to church, that God wants them on his side;  and they came to Church!!! After about a year, it was so awesome, although we didn't have investigators, we were able to see this less active family, 8 people, all dressed up to go to church. 

My purpose as a missionary is to invite all people to come to Christ, whether they are less active, members, or are investigators. And the best part, is that this is message is of joy. The less active have already seen the great blessings of this gospel. I love the talk by M. Russell Ballard, "To Whom Sahll We Go", I think that is the name of the talk in English...  What other church has these marvelous blessings of the gospel, of eternal families, and of a loving Heavenly Father.  How grateful I am to be able to proclaim these great truths to the people here in Neiva.

I love you guys so much. Even though I am way far away, I can feel your love and prayers. I hope you guys have a fantastic week, and I hope you know that I love you. 

With all my love
Elder Parson

P.S. This week, I did have an interesting experience, with the ex Bishop.  I had the opportunity to eat chicken feet. Yes--actual chicken feet. And to tell you the truth, it wasn't that bad!

sorry about not having pictures.