Monday, April 24, 2017

E-mail Week 40: April 24, 2017. Jose Receives the Priesthood

Buenas tardes!

How is everybody doing? I am sorry that this email will be really short but thank you for everyone that has been emailing me the past couple weeks.  It really makes my day.

So this week was awesome! Although our area has had its struggles, many of our investigators are progressing but don't have an answer yet to be baptized. And so this week we were blessed with many opportunities to contact. And we were able to see many miracles of the Lord

This week, Jose received the Priesthood--and it was so cool. Also we were in Gospel Principles class and Jose always listens to us read the Book of Mormon but I never really knew if he had studied about the church or knew if it was true. He had the opportunity to teach some of the class and went off, writing all over the whiteboard explaining why the church was true, talking about revelation and prophets.  It was so awesome to see and I am grateful the Lord has let me know them.

I wish I could explain a little bit more about my week, but to finish, I would like to share an experience. Sunday night, we were running late and hadn't had a companionship study that day. I prayed to know if we should have one, at six at night, and be late for an appointment.  We ended up studying and after, as we were leaving the house, a man came up to us in tears crying about not being able to feed his family.  We went up to our house, grabbed most of our food and gave it to this man. He began to cry and told us that actually he was a member but is really inactive. And then as we were heading home at the end of the evening, at 8:30, I felt an impression to go to an investigator's house in an interesting part of our area.  As we were going, I felt an impression to talk to this big group outside of a house, twenty people. It was kind of nerve racking but I felt the Spirit way strong to do it. So I started talking with them and they were awesome!  We were able to share a quick message and then they said that they wanted to hear more and give us lunch next week. Golden investigadores or what. 

I know that when we follow the Spirit, miracles happen.  We just need the courage to follow the prompting. 

I love you all.

Have a great week

Elder Parson